Natalie & Daniel | White Dove Barns

You're about to witness a lot of love right here... another wedding photographers dream couple!

To be fair... the love didn't stop at the bride and groom either, the energy and connections at this wedding was palpable from the get go and I thrive on that.
This is another example of the struggle I have narrowing down near on 1000 photographs to a digestible number for a blog post. I always start out with the intention of only sharing 40-60 shots with you guys and keeping it short and sweet..... well I guess I am still failing at that :)

White Dove Barns is one of a number of regular locations for me that always manages to deliver. It is such a treat to have the Bride & Groom both on site, getting ready not only so close by, but also in stunning surroundings. This banging summer sun we were gifted also makes the world of difference. I love to shoot bold, vibrant colours when possible, so this past season of amazing light has really blown me away.

Enjoy my not so brief reel of highlights from one of Summer 2022's wall of famers...