Jessica & James | Pre Shoot

Thinking of booking in a pre wedding shoot?
Nervous about being in front of the camera all day and fancy giving it a trial run?
Want the chance to meet me and get to know each other before letting me into your world for a whole day?
Just love photos and making memories?

There are many reasons couples choose to book a portrait session before their wedding and hopefully the results speak for themselves :)

I met Jessica & James on a fairly damp Autumn day and just began by getting better acquainted...
After chatting for a while and taking the odd shot along our walk, without any rigid or forced planning, before we knew it photo opportunities just kept popping into view and the two of them went from quiet nerves, to uncontrollable giggling. This is what its all about for me... I treat the wedding day portraits the same way. I pick a route, search for nice lighting and scenes... pause here and there for shots whilst conversing and enjoying the moment. 
Not taking yourselves to seriously is key... you need to let out your personalities that come so naturally when you spend time together and simply let me capture who you are as a couple :D