Poppy & Luke | Woodhall Manor 2022

Before I delve into this top shelf banger of a wedding, let me try and explain my absence from blogging this year...

Another wedding season has blown by at record speed and my blogging page has been neglected for tooooo long!
I started out the year with all the intention of blogging every other wedding throughout the summer… but I seriously underestimated the shear volume of weddings I had booked within the main bulk of 2022.

I am sure many or all wedding suppliers dealt with an onslaught of post covid rescheduling on top of a usual full years bookings… and hey, no complaints coming from me. Despite this past season taking over my life from the get go… I really can’t stress just how much it has meant to me and my business.
I am lucky enough to have been a wedding photographer for the past 13 years. My business has grown slowly alongside a part time job that kept the lights on. Now… due to the boost in bookings and this last few wedding seasons pushing me to new heights, I am now a full time photographer and feel extremely proud to have so many beautiful people invite me in to capture their weddings.

I am so excited to finally calve out some time to share some more in-depth looks into my 2022 weddings. Poppy & Lukes late summer smile fest is the perfect place to start…

Woodhall Manor is always going to provide the most perfect Suffolk backdrop for any wedding day… but when you add this kind of love and energy into the mix, you’re on to a sure thing!!!
I sarted the day with zero nerves due to the pure positive vibes I got from these two when we spoke about the plan for the day. I knew that despite the forecast being a tad on the British side… they wouldn’t let it worry them.
Yes… an outdoor ceremony would have been pretty sweet… but, you look through these snaps and tell me the it didn’t all work out great in the end. (Ps. lets not mention the fact that the rain had completely stopped and the sun was beaming by the time the ceremony came around…. just no need to bring it up).

As much as I love writing about all the minutiae of peoples weddings… I am a much better wedding photographer than I am a writer… so lets just get down to it eh…