So… how was everyones year? If it was anything like mine, you have no doubt felt as though it never happened! Time always seems to pass faster and faster as life goes by… but 2022 was an absolute flash in the pan… but, what a wild run it was!

Things are really gearing up for me lately and I am loving every minute. It seems incredible to me that I first set out as a UK wedding photographer over 12 years ago… I am absolutely addicted to this job now!

2022 has been nothing short of superb. Back in February I set out on my first wedding of the year feeling a little bit like I was staring down the barrel of a gun. My diary was so tightly packed with bookings due to so many rescheduled dates, that for a moment, I worried I may have bitten off more than I could chew… but that soon passed when I gained momentum and yet again found myself so engrossed in the process that I barely noticed the pressure at all. I have now learnt that fully emersing myself in this world is where I thrive the most.

I've met 34 beamingly happy couples, shared laughs and jokes with so many wholesome people, teared up and felt emotions of all kinds, enjoyed countless mouth watering meals, seen dance moves that would put Magic Mike to shame, demolished enough sweets to melt the teeth off of a shark, seen people fall in love, shared intimate moments with people that will stay with me forever, dropped expensive equipment and laughed it off, tried new and old techiniques that pushed my work to new levels, seen wedding traditions fade away and new ones being made, smiled harder than I think I ever have before and  delivered 32,742 photos that I hope will be treasured for many years to come.

Trying to sum up all of these expereiences and show you everything I love about what I capture is next to impossible. Trying to keep the number of images I post below 110 has proven to be beyond impossible, so you’ll just have to poor a cuppa tea and bed down for this one...

Sam :D