Twenty Twenty One

Click Click Boom… Just like that we find ourselves in 2022 and last year already feels like a distant memory… but certainly not one that will fade in a hurry!

Was last year a little strange?…At times yes.
Was it somewhat different?… possibly.
Was it also massively exciting and possibly even more meaningful than ever before? Definitely!

When the 2021 wedding season kicked off, there was a new energy and a sense of overwhelming relief throughout those that tied the knot as well as those who shared the experience. As predicted, people thrived on the buzz that weddings create and made the most of it all when the feeling that we all craved so much was back with a bang! I never expected anything less than what followed…

Like many photographers and all other wedding suppliers, my diary was a torn and tattered wreck by the time everything was confirmed for last year!!

On many levels I entered the season with a slight sense of dread and anxiety, facing a years worth of weddings packed into six months!

I don’t know what I was worried about..

Every year I try to predict what this job will bring my way and attempt to plan ahead for the chaos that inevitably will ensue. But nothing gets my creative juices flowing like diving in at the deep end and just letting it all unfold in front of me. This was a perfect example of that!

I can’t speak for other industries as I have only ever pursued photography in my life… but being part of a community like this one is really humbling at times. The support and help within this crazy world of weddings is just staggering. I don’t feel the need to give any individual shout outs as it’s evident to me that we all have each others backs. This can only be due to the fact that we all appreciate how lucky we are to have these careers and definitely don’t take them for granted :)

So here it is… my round up of favourite shots from Twenty Twenty One. I don’t tend to otherthink this process (like all other aspects of my life)… I simply act on instinct and choose those shots that just say something to me. Whether it be creatively, visually, emotionally or unexplainably… I just dig them! That being said, I’m pleased that like most years, I have managed to pull together a collection of shots that span all of my 2021 weddings and cover all aspects of what I love to capture.

These year reviews always mark the moment that I go from reminiscing and mentally processing the previous year, to planning and daydreaming about the season ahead of me. I feel blessed to have a packed diary awaiting me this year and as always my itchy trigger finger is eager to get going.

Enjoy my highlights from the year that broke the mould...