Hello, I'm Sam...

 I am a Norfolk wedding photographer, with a passion for story telling. I believe photography to be the best way of remembering moments in our lives... every memory is enhanced when it is captured, in a natural and truthful way.

I'm a very nostalgic person, and I believe photography to be the reason for that. It gives all of us the ability to remember moments in our lives so vividly. This is what drew me to photography... the power to capture and preserve split seconds of life, forever.

My Approach

I approach wedding photography with a modern way of thinking. The most cherished photos are always the most natural ones, so that's what I aim for. 'Time flies when you're having fun' so you don't want to waste hours being told how and where to stand, or posing for endless lineups like a football squad... you've got a party to enjoy! 

Every moment is important on such a special occasion, so I give it my all to capture the day as it unfolds and tell the true story of your day.

I empathize with those who dislike being photographed, as I too am not comfortable on that side of the lens... I much prefer my end of the deal. This is something I always take consideration of when I shoot weddings, I don't put pressure on guests or single people out.

My advice is simple... be yourselves. This isn't a fashion shoot, it's your wedding day. So embrace the moment and savour every minute... it's my job to make sure you have a fantastic album to remember it all.


My Background

Photography kind of fell into my lap... during my degree in Graphic Design, I got to learn the basics of film photography and how a dark room works, after learning these skills I was hooked. Safe to say, my design work took a back seat once photography had sunk its teeth in.

Once I got my hands on a digital SLR camera, everything changed. The ability to shoot lots of images very fast at high quality had me hooked. Any spare time became my chance to experiment with light and all the possibilities this equipment gave me creatively. Learning how to use a camera in this very natural and fun way was very satisfying and has moulded my style of shooting. I have fun behind the lens... I enjoy the pursuit of that perfect moment.