Holly & Chris - Henham Barns

Wowza's... as if landing yet another wedding at the beautiful Henham Barns wasn't enough... I also land one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. These guys somehow managed to love each other more than all of their doting guests did. Thats right, i'm a soppy sod!

There is a surge of modern weddings and people choosing to bin off tradition and go their own route... and I couldn't be happier.

This is a prime example of that attitude. Holy & Chris didn't want to bite their nails down to stubs waiting half a day to see each other. so they chose to meet up at the beautiful country house before the ceremony and enjoy canapés and drinks before the ceremony. They then arrived and walked down the aisle as one shortly followed by them and the entire wedding congregation singing out their favourite Beatles song. Amazing vibes!

There are no two ways about it... this was a blinder of a wedding. I have managed to whittle it down to a digestible album for you... I would have loved to post the entire thing, but I doubt your phone battery would last all the way through ;)