Lissy & Scott | 2021 Micro Wedding

What can I say... I'M BACK!

2021 has officially kicked off for me after this amazing micro wedding.
Lissy & Scott would have happily gotten married in an alley way if needs be... but that wasn't the case.
After morning prep at Lissy's parents house (I say house... I mean jaw dropping country barn), it was time to head to the simply staggering ceremony at Norwich Cathedral. It doesn't stop there though... shortly after that amazing experience I found myself roaming around the stunning grounds of Ketteringham Hall. 
I mean it really was the best start to my 2021 season, so my enthusiasm for the rest of this year is through the roof :)

Beautiful venues aside... this amazing couple really shone on their big day. 
With Christianity deeply embedded into their lives, this coming together of two soul mates, tying the knot and looking ahead at the rest of their lives really brought it home to me just what a privilege it is to be a wedding photographer. I simply cannot wait to fill my summer with happy memories and bad ass weddings. Bring it :D