Twenty Twenty | The Highlights

Last year… remember that? Flew by didn’t it! I can’t remember why exactly or think of anything specific happening, so maybe i’ll just refer to ’THAT THING’.

Despite weddings being one of the hardest hit industries… ’THAT THING’ didn’t stop everyone! In fact… hearing how devastated some individuals, companies and industries have been by ’THAT THING’ I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to capture six weddings throughout 2020. Two of those couples got lucky and slipped in just before ’THAT THING’ and the other four said no thanks to rescheduling and went ahead with their micro weddings. 

Now… on paper, ‘micro wedding’ may sound like a lesser thing than the traditional weddings we are all familiar with… but I have been witness to quite the opposite.

From what I was lucky enough to experience last year, I learnt that ‘small’ can feel extremely ‘big' when you surround yourself with nothing but the 'Creme De La Creme’

Don’t get me wrong… not being able to stretch out a 4mile conga line or crack some sculls in a mosh pit did have it's drawbacks when the evenings pulled in… but none the less, when the love is there and spirits are high, you’ll have everything you need.

So despite shooting only six weddings last year, I have still been very excited to showcase my highlights from them. A little collection of bright and happy moments to show those silver linings and ignore ’THAT THING for a while. 

I cannot wait to get back to some form of normality and get stuck into all the brilliant weddings I have in the diary for 2021/22/23. My passion for this job will need to take a much bigger hit than ’THAT THING to shake off my determination to be their for my couples and to get bigger and better each year…