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Flipp’n heck! Yet again I seem to have blacked out whilst an entire year passed me by. Another amazing Wedding Season packed with amazing people and memories. Twenty Nineteen picked me up and spat me out… shook me senseless… and somehow took me by surprise. A total whirlwind of romance and chaos. Perfect combo!

I really do have the best job.

As with every year I spend in this amazing industry, I have met some truly fantastic new wedding suppliers, from all over the land… and of course I have had the pleasure of working with many familiar faces too, you know who you are :)

This was my first wedding season working with a mixed bag of camera gear. I made the inevitable leap into the world of Sony cameras, whilst maintaining a firm grip on my beloved Canon 5Diii

My new Sony A7iii has helped me to elevate my work in some areas, plus… I have just had a blast tinkering with a new ‘toy’ and exploring some techniques I had previously avoided. Going forward it will be a challenge to either choose one path or continue to use a mix of photography equipment. 

Choosing my favourite images from so many great moments is quite a task! There are so many things to look out for. Some pictures I choose because of the emotions or the expressions on peoples faces… some are because of the timing… some for the way the light falls or the colours in a scene… some are also just because of how special that particular moment was and the memory of sharing that time with people… and of course, some are a combination of all that stuff, it’s a complete mixed bag.

I aimed to show you my favourite 200 images… but after endless hours sifting through 20,000 images, shaving down the edges, diluting and painlessly deleting some beautiful shots… i’m stuck on 225! So this may take you a while to scroll through and possibly cause your internet router to explode, but don’t give up ;)