Maxine & Craig | Southwood Hall | 2020

I am itching to share this beautiful wedding with you all…

Maxine and Craig have spent nearly three years planning their dream wedding… and despite a numerous list of interruptions, they stayed true to their hearts and powered on through…

Wedding photography brings endless potential for creativity and artistic progression. So I was very pleased when these two people expressed their enthusiasm for those things. From the get go, both Craig and Maxine have been fantastic to work with… and when I recently received their very humbling review, it was an enormous cherry on top of an already brilliant job. 

(I am not sure ‘job’ is really a suitable term for what I do… work can’t really be this fun right?)

Once again I returned to the flawless Southwood Hall. Rain or shine, this place delivers every time! I know that Craig and Maxine will agree with me that the team at Southwood really showed up for them that day… it’s just what they do :)

I think that is enough waffle from me now… time to show you what i’m on about. Here is a very diluted gallery of snaps from this brilliant wedding day…


Sam's Favourites | Twenty19

Sam's Favourites | Twenty19

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Twenty Eighteen | Sam's Favourites

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