Laura & Robbie | Wingfield Barn

Capturing weddings is about so much more than just the vows, the rings, the flowers… the first kiss, first dance or the first shot of the night. Despite most weddings following a general blueprint… it’s the in between moments, the unpredictable and completely random or obscene things that make one wedding different from the next

Something that is always present and never short of supply, are ear to ear smiles. I Love capturing all manor of emotions at weddings, but nothing brings me more joy than snapping true happiness in peoples grins. Laura & Robbie were beaming all day. Their love for one another was obvious and endless… pure joy at its best!

I'm Starting to think couples just tell me they hate having their picture taken… and “Oh I look so awkward and silly in photos” Pffffft! These two just light up when they are near one another, it's just effortless  :)

I had so much fun with these two and all of their beautiful friends and family (some of which are my family too… Laura is my cousin, and now I consider Robbie one too)...
Choosing my favourite moments to share with the world has been hard… which is why this blog contains a lot of images. So get a brew on the go and sit back and enjoy my highlights from this stunning Summer wedding...

Venues - Wingfield Barns + Diss By Verve
Band - Georgia Falls
Flowers - Violets Florist
Cake - Little Millies
Catering - Funnels Kitchen
Decor - Boomting Bunting
Car - Silverline Limousines
CMA Hire