Emily & Steve | Norfolk Meads Hotel

Characters. True love. Family values. Jäger Bombs. Cute little sprogs. Lawn games. Cigar smoking. Slick music. Saxophones. More Jäger Bombs. Drunk Australians... and a pretty impressive worm performed by the bride. Just a short list of ingredients for a spot on wedding day.

I find it very hard to imagine myself following a different career path these days... having job satisfaction is a must in my opinion.
Getting stressed and nervous about weddings is a distant memory now... I approach every one of my weddings head on and full of confidence. It’s such a blast! 

I meet a never ending stream of fun loving and interesting people... and this wedding was no exception. Emily and Steve surrounded themselves with friends and family from afar, and each and every person there witnessed a truly happy couple tying the knot. Parents to two beautiful kids (all be it, covered in  chicken pox for the wedding)... these two are a picture perfect example of what it means to have a family. 

I have been lucky enough to work at Norfolk Meads many times and more to come... and it never lets me down. The gardens looked stunning as ever and the place really is a superb setting for any occasion. 

Enjoy my highlights...