Laura & Stephen - Haughley Park

I always knew this year was going to be an amazing wedding season for me!
When I looked at all my bookings together, I was overwhelmed by the diversity of venues... particularly the new ones I haven't been to before... and I am happy to say, it's shaping up to be my greatest year so far!

Haughley Park was one of the stand out places on my list... I have been looking forward to seeing this place all year and believe me, it lives up to expectations!!! Beautiful architecture, lush green gardens, more space than you could ever need and it also runs like a well oiled machine.

All this being said... nothing outshone the lovely Laura and Stephen on their wedding day. To no surprise!
I met the couple just a few weeks before the wedding for a quick pint and a final wedding consultation... it was clear to me then, that I was in for a treat capturing their big day. Very easy going and as polite and sweet as they come.

As always, I have compiled a shortlist of highlights for your viewing pleasure... and I can't wait for people to see them...