Twenty Eighteen | Sam's Favourites

For me, 2018 was a year of numbers... some of the biggest numbers I’ve seen since starting this incredible career/journey... and I couldn’t be more proud of the leap I have made since 2017. 

21 weddings - 17 venues - 48,637 pics taken - 20,689 pics delivered - 576 prints sold - 3 books made - 4 rainbows - 1 DOUBLE rainbow - 7 chocolate brownies (my fave) - 37 coffees - 1,000 failed flossers - 1,000,000 pick’n'mix (some of these numbers are estimates… I am not anal enough to count coffees or dance moves)

I’m sure there are hundreds of jobs out there that bring joy to people and many life affirming career paths to take. But I find it hard to imagine a better feeling than delivering happy memories to couples in love. 

I have witnessed some truly epic love stories this year and have been totally spoilt for choice when compiling this short list of favourite moments. 

If you boil down what a wedding is, you will find a handful of key elements and structured moments that need to occur. But the more and more people I meet, the more and more variety I face. Everybody’s idea of a good party varies... and no matter how much you plan... you can’t beat it when things just fall into place and people’s true selves shine through. That’s what a wedding does for me.

I hope these pictures help to show what makes my job so fun and so creative. Moments come and go, which is what makes photography so important to people. Brides and grooms can’t be everywhere at once... so naturally they miss so much of what makes their day special. Being able to show them these things never gets old. 

“You captured so many moments we never even knew happened” is not only the most common response I get... it will always be the best one too!

So here they are… my 200 favourite snaps of Twenty Eighteen… some chosen for their eye pleasing juiciness… some for the memories made… and some for the random and absurd… Enjoy...