Becky & Jamie

Summer 2022... Quite a mind blowing time for anyone in the wedding industry. 
Mind blowing in the best way I must add... because wedding photography is without doubt, 100% better when its full on. So, when a season like last year takes over your very thought throughout the summer months, magic happens :)

This wedding in the depths of North Norfolk is pretty self explanatory... you'll see nothing but pure emotions and genuine smiles throughout this blog post.
Becky and Jamie both showed up with unwavering enthusiasm on the day, even when faced with wet and windy weather for their garden party vibe... and I wasn't surprised at all. When I met with these two just a few weeks before the wedding day, I came away filled with confidence because they showed me such a relaxed and happy side of themselves. Absolutely key when planning a DIY wedding on my opinion. 

From the quaint church in Shereford onto the Reading Room in Warham this wedding was kept super simple and despite the very traditional and beautiful church service, felt from start to finish like a purely free flowing and modern wedding.

I feel there is nothing left to do but dig into the photos... Enjoy :D