Becky + Ainsley

Wedding Photography for me, is all about being in the moment. I like to feel like I am part of the day and not just an observer. Happy people are what make that possible… and this wedding wasn’t short of fun loving, smiley, happy, drunken, sassy, bonkers, barmy folk. Just what you need when the heavens decide to open up and drench then place!

Becky & Ainsley planned their dream wedding day at a brand new venue, The Freston Boot. This was the first wedding held at this rural pub in Suffolk… and it is a fantastic setting for a festival style event like this one. Tipis, hay bails, outdoor bbq style cooking, fire pits, gobby goats shouting their heads off, a fantastic view of the Orwell Bridge in the distance etc etc…

Happily, the rain held off until after the outdoor ceremony, but once it started… it decided to stay for the duration. This being said, if you happen to have that on your wedding day, be like Becky and Ainsley! Get some shots down your neck and have a blast! I couldn’t picture their big day any differently now… it was fantastic.

P.s… If the groom used to be in a band… reuniting for a wedding day gig is a great shout. Ainsley took the stage with his pals and blew a giant heart shaped hole in the roof of that tipi and set the night off on the right path, just awesome!