Tasha & Nathan - Fishley Hall

There are warm days, there are seriously hot days… and then there is Tasha & Nathans day!

My first time at Fishley Hall, and hopefully not my last. What a place, and what an occasion.
Scorching heat, perfect summer vibes, oodles and ooooodles of fantastic people, amazing food, constant refreshments (boozy)… and just the most friendly and fun loving couple. I could stop there…

As I have said in the past… I love a DIY wedding… and Fishley is another perfect canvas for this! A blank canvas it is not though… before any work has even been done, this place is a beautiful wedding venue and a wedding photographers wet dream! 
So after these two put their stamp on the place, it really was a brilliant setting for a great party.

A short walk up the lane takes you to the sweetest little church… and despite it feeling like a sauna in there, the ceremony went great.

To Tasha’s surprise, as she left the ceremony and headed back towards the barns… Nathan had arranged her horse to be waiting for her. As you’ll see, it was a superb move on his part! She lit up.

Thats probably enough jabbering from me… I think the images I have chosen speak for themselves. Such a good day all round… Enjoy…