Hannah & Ben

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes… they also vary in their unpredictability. This is what I love about wedding photography. The basic blueprint of a wedding is pretty universal… but it’s the inbetweeny bits and the added details. It’s the varied personalities and the subtle changes in vibe as the day progresses. 
This is shown most dramatically in the change of emotions. One minute there are tears of joy and pure love… the next, there are belly laughs and celebratory cheers. 

The day I had with Hannah & Ben was nothing short of superb! From the moment I met the two of them weeks before, I knew we had the same outlook on things. They wanted a fun filled day, with a sprinkle of tradition… and they wanted someone to capture the pure essence of their wedding day. This is always music to my ears.

Bassmead Manor Barns was a new venue for myself, but I truly hope it’s not my last time there. High standards throughout, and a stunning backdrop for any occasion. 

We were treated to an array of all weather types that day… but as I always say to couples… no matter what the weather conditions, your day will be your day, and thats the point.
When it comes to wind and rain… what you lack in some areas, you gain in others. Same goes for bright sunshine. Positives and negatives to any outcome.
So yes, it was extremely windy that day… but we had such a laugh when getting some portraits, and I think you’ll see from the results, it added a little something to them. It’s a mystery as to how we didn’t blow away!

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain… and we were treated to a double rainbow, which is a little special in my eyes :)