Jessica & Lewis Hammond

Wow! What a start to my year of weddings… a total rollercoaster of emotions.

These two managed to combine all the right ingredients for a great wedding. They spent the day surrounded by so many adoring family members and friends… everywhere I looked, people where loving life and my trigger finger could barely keep up.

I have worked at Marsh Farm many of times over the years, but I am far from bored of the place. Lewis + Jessica combined this beautiful country estate with a Church ceremony in Pakefiled, and it really was a great plan. 

The day started calmly and drama free… the pair of them began their day only a hop skip and a jump from one another, but remained hidden until they locked eyes in the church. Both looking very giddy and in love.

Choosing my highlights for this gallery was a struggle… my aim was to narrow it down to my 100 favourite images, turned out to be more like 200!

As a side note… Never in my life have I witnessed such a brutal verbal assault than what Lewis’s best men hit him with! Keep an eye out for his face of disbelief, as they help dust off some skeletons...