Jennifer & Cameron

This Summer was full of beautiful weddings… and this Marsh Farm bonanza was far from an exception! 

It wasn’t until the day of the wedding that I actually met Jen + Cam… but it took only seconds to fit in around them and their friends and family. Nothing but good vibes filled the atmosphere. Smiles all round!

This was my third time shooting at the fantastic Marsh Farm… and it definitely won’t be my last as I have another booked in for 2018. This is music to my ears, as this place has everything.

Turning up to the barn / holding pen for the gents shows the remains of the previous nights antics… But this doesn’t stop the lads from cracking open more beers to kick start the day. But first… as with most grooms, some last minute adjustments to the speech is what takes priority!

The ladies, as ever, begin their day with the all important ‘preparations’. The dress, the hair the make up, the jewellery, and of course a few Proseccos... all essential when you are the ‘Bell of the ball’ and Jennifer did not disappoint. I’m sure Camerons heart skipped a beat or two when she walked down the aisle.

And as a side note… Cameron didn’t look to shabby himself! 

One last thing… BE WARNED.. there are snaps of a man in the bath. Don’t worry though… the bubbles are strategically placed.