Caroline & Christoph

Upon meeting with these two beautiful people, around 6 months prior to their wedding, I knew i’d be in for a fantastic day. The three of us instantly clicked and we agreed on all aspects of wedding photography. They had planned the wedding of their dreams… and it soon became apparent on the big day, that it was all going to come true!

The first half of the day remains quite a blur. This may have something to do with the intense heat on the day, or maybe because there wasn’t a dull moment from star to finish. Having your wedding ceremony in Walberswick means the scene is set, regardless of the weather… but the sun was on full whack and to say I was a sweaty mess would be a massive understatement! 

These two had gathered what seemed like a thousand guests from across England, and many friends and family from Christophe’s home town in France. The church was full to the brim with people that loved these two, and the wedding service was floor-less. 

The reception was held at Henham Park Barns, but before heading there we had time for a walk along the famous Walberswick beach, although not enough time to squeeze in some crabbing.

The evening brought a picture perfect sunset followed by some serious shape cutting whilst The Walks blasted out a brilliant set, covering all genres. It’s safe to say that by this time, most guests where sufficiently lubricated and remembered to bring their dancing shoes!