If you can't find what you are looking for on here... give me a shout via my contact form and I will answer as many questions as you have...

Q. How much is the deposit?

£200 - This is a non-refundable deposit and is deducted from your final balance.

Q. Can we meet up before we book you?

Yes of course. We can either meet up at an agreed place, or if it's inconvenient, we can speak over the phone or Skype.

Q. What time do you stay until on the day?

If you have booked me for a full day package, I will still be shooting after your first dance... usually about an hour past that point.

Q. How long do we have to wait for the photos?

I believe your photos deserve my full care and attention... so I like to give all images a once over in post processing to ensure they are all up to my high standards. So you will get your photos between 3-4 weeks after the wedding day.

Q. Can we do what we want with the photos?

Yes. The way I see it, all of the images are yours to enjoy... you have hired me to photograph your wedding, and I'd never restrict you from sharing them with whom ever you wish, however you wish.

Q. How far will you travel?

I have no restrictions on where I am willing to work. Depending on the distance of travel, an add on fee can be discussed and agreed upon to cover my travel and accommodation expenses. 

Q. Will you visit the venue before the big day?

I don't guarantee that I will... I feel that my fluid style of shooting doesn't require me to know the venues overly well. However, I do aim to arrive early for every job, so when possible I will have a nosy around.

Q. Will you require feeding?

This isn't something I insist on... but it does go a long way if you can, I work much better when I am conscious. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, a bar meal will do the trick if needed. Please let me know if you cannot provide this though, as then I can bring a pack up.

Q. Describe your style?

I like to see myself as a photography ninja... unseen and unheard for most of the day. I see no need in being loud or brash, especially as my style is based around natural, journalistic, candid photos. In my opinion, you can't beat capturing a genuine smile, a random moment of silliness, or, a captivating look of love.

Q. Can you pencil a date in?

I am happy to pencil a date in, but this won't secure the date. If I get an enquiry for that date, I will chase you up for a conformation deposit before securing the date for another couple.

Q. We want lots of group photos, you can do that right?

I do try and keep the group photos to a minimum, as I find this can take the momentum out of you day and cause stress when trying to round everyone up without the help of a sheep dog... but if you have many combinations you want, I ask that you put a list together and get a groomsman to be on hand to help me gather people up. 

Q. When will you require the remaining balance?

I ask that the remaining balance be paid in full 2 weeks before the big day. This will be via a bank transfer or cash.

Q. Are you insured?

Yes. I have public liability and professional indemnity cover.

Q. What equipment do you use?

I have always been a Canon man myself... I currently use 2x Canon 5D Mark 3's and a bag full of lenses.