Rachel & Alfie | Batemans Barn 

Wedding Photography brings about many challenges and hurdles along the way… Light is often the biggest game changer. It’s been a funny year so far weather wise, but that being said I have seen many many beautiful 2019 wedding galleries from all across the UK. The overall level of work within this industry seems to have taken a massive leap forward and its so inspiring to see.

Rachel and Alfie did everything right when planning their wedding day… but nothing can be done about the rain. The only defence you have against the elements is a good attitude and willingness to shake it off and laugh in the face of it. These two charming people did exactly that! Them and their guests showed no sign of disappointment when the downpour came along, and why would they… to much fun was being had :)

At the very centre of this wedding was the couples gorgeous young daughter Isla… a total whirlwind of energy and charm. As you will see, she features heavily in this set of images… she’s just loved the camera.

My job allows me to see people at their very best, living their best lives, in beautiful surroundings, sharing time with loved ones, old friends, new friends, new siblings, new parents, with new adventures ahead. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Batemans Barn was the setting for this total corker of a wedding… with its combination of countryside surroundings, remote location and truly English vibes, it provided the perfect get away for Rachel and Alfie.

Here are my highlights...