Nikita & Daniel 

Simple. Quaint. Intimate. Peaceful. Emotional… Just some of the words to describe Dan + Nikita’s wedding day. 

These two pulled off their perfect wedding day with style and grace… not to mention the mind blowing efficiency. A very last minute booking yet nothing out of place :)

All brides know very clearly in their minds just how their wedding day should be… none more so than Nikita. Herself and Daniel both wanted a wedding void of stuffiness and pressure… they simply wanted to share the love amongst friends and family.

Daniel is a Suffolk boy like myself… in fact, he is one of my closest friends :) So this was very much a work and pleasure scenario for me… juggling the camera in one hand and a pint in the other. They both insisted that I prioritise having fun over the photos and not to over do it… they clearly don’t know how much I love taking pictures as that’s exactly what having fun is for me! Still, I managed to maintain a good balance. Such an honour to do this job… and an extra added belly butterfly when I get to deliver so many memories to some of my favourite people x

Dan and Nikita live in London where they met, but they were keen to venture back to (not so sunny) Suffolk for the big day, followed by a bundle of other city folk. Following this official wedding, the couple jetted off to China for a further celebration with Nikita’s family in traditional Chinese style… I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Enjoy some highlights from this beautiful wedding...