Jodie & Rhys Edwards - Southwold 2018

Well well well… my emotions are not often caught off guard, but Jodie & Rhys threw a wedding day that brought a tear to my eye. The love surrounding these two was palpable!

Wedding photography is filled with predictable and unpredictable moments… and from a creative point of view, there are many positives to both. Although I knew what these two had planned for their day, I still found myself being surprised by the odd little personal touch and changes in tradition.

This wedding began as many peoples do… The ladies gathered together in posh house to get themselves ready for the day, and the gents greased the wheel with a couple of pre ceremony beers.

The setting? One of my favourite places around, Southwold in Suffolk. 
The Lord Nelson is a famous 'go to’ pub in Southwold… which gave the lads a perfect start to their day.
The Electric Picture Palace is a very untraditional and fun venue for any ceremony… My second visit there and still gives me the tingles.
Then finally, The Southwold Pier could be just about the best setting for a wedding reception I have ever come across.

For me, the hardest part of building a blog post is narrowing it down to 150/200 images… I understand the importance of keeping it small, but find it almost impossible to leave shots out that I love.
Bearing that in mind… apologies in advance for the seemingly endless gallery I have put together here :) Enjoy...