Jessica & Marcus

Yet again, I am gob smacked at the sheer variety that wedding photography offers up! No venue is the same… no couple are the same… and the fun and laughter people have is always different.

Jessica & Marcus knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day… and as far as I can see, they didn’t fail to pull it off.
Being a country boy and having grown up on a stunning plot of land out in the sticks… Marcuses main and only real input to the wedding plans was location. He made a very wise choice indeed.
Not only does his family farm sit amongst some of the nicest Norfolk scenery available… it also has a perfect view of the very church he will marry his princess in. Bursting out of the Beeston horizon is St. Mary’s church… no more than a five minute stroll from the marquee reception. This wedding couldn’t get more rural if there was tractors and produce set up as decoration…. OH WAIT… There was!

As a side note… I’d like to add that this must have been the first pair of Jimmy Choos to set food on a freshly plowed corn field???

A massive congratulations to these beautiful people… I had such a fun day with them and all of their cheeky guests. I am very proud to show off the results from the day… Enjoy!