2017 - Best Of

Another year has flown past, and what a whirlwind it was. 
I want to start by thanking all the amazing people I’ve met this past season... you really are the reason this job is so much fun. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting such a varied array of weddings throughout 2017, and I can’t wait to show you my highlights.

Creating a blog like this is such a warming experience. As the year goes by, my mind is entirely focused on the present... concentrating on the job at hand and soaking up everything in front of me. This leaves very little time to look back and reflect. So sifting through a whole years worth of images and choosing my favourite moments, is very fulfilling. From the fantastic venues I’ve worked at, to the endless amount of fun loving people I’ve met... 2017 has not disappointed!
I never quite believe a new wedding season can match the last… but every year I am hit with more and more amazing days. The key is to be open to any and all wedding types. Shooting from from the hip as I do (quite literally intact), I have the freedom to almost become a guest at these occasions and live in the moment, capturing people as they truly are.So here it is… I have ummmed’n’aaaahed over nearly 15,000 images and squashed them in to my top 150 for the year. I had no plan

or agenda when compiling this final cut, I simply wish to show you what makes me tick. some images earned their spot the very moment I pressed the shutter on my camera… and others have grown on me over time. Some make me smile and laugh… some are emotional and heartwarming… and others just appeal to me on a purely aesthetic value. 

Hold on to your hats… it’s a big one...